6oz BOTTLE – Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL 3 IN 1 w/Mist Sprayer


Radcolube®CLP GUN OIL 3 IN 1 has been trusted by the U.S. Military since 2017 for their firearms and is now available in new retail packaging for consumers to use. Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL 3 IN 1 is a firearm cleaner, lubricant and preservative which excels in all 3 fields.

The new 6oz bottle features a mist sprayer to allow users to apply with ease and efficiency. The bottles will be displayed at the 2023 SHOT SHOW in Booth# 40022.

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Manufactured by Radco Industries (Batavia, IL), Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL 3IN1 is the benchmark for cleaning, lubricating, and short-term preservation of small and large caliber firearm platforms. It is the trusted brand of the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Competitive Shooters across the globe.

Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL 3IN1 is also the preferred firearm cleaner and lubricant of The Tactical Games™ (TTG) , Multi-Gun Competitors, Extreme Long Range Shooting Organization™ (ELRSO) and King of 2 Mile™ (KO2M) shooting organizations.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in