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A few things you should know –

What is Radcolube?

Radcolube® is the brand name of Radco Industries manufactured MIL-SPEC lubricants. Radcolube® products are critical application lubricants that are used in various military applications across air, land, and sea. The same engineering approach and technology used to formulate those products was used to produce our Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL.

What does a Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative mean with a gun oil?

The U.S. Army designed the MIL-PRF-63460F TY:A specification with the troops in the field in mind. A lot of GUN OIL manufacturers will offer multiple products, with each respective bottle focusing on a different aspect of the cleaning process, however the troops in the field need a 3 IN 1 for safety and convenience. Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL is a Department of the Army qualified 3 IN 1 lubricant that will clean, lubricate, and preserve your firearm with each drop.

What does Military Grade mean?

Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL is qualified to Military Specification MIL-PRF-63460F TY:A (CLEANER, LUBRICANT, AND PRESERVATIVE). What do we mean by qualified, you ask? Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL was tested by the Department of the Army, their testing included live-fire testing in extreme conditions of cold, salt, and dust with a fire rate of 650 rounds/minute with zero stoppages on an M249. Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL’s excellent performance on these tests have allowed Radco Industries to be the primary supplier of CLP GUN OIL to the U.S. Military.

Who uses Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL?

Radcolube® CLP GUN OIL is used by all branches of U.S. Military, various foreign militaries, tactical athletes, competitive shooters, hunters, and individual firearm owners in their personal weapons as their preferred 3 IN 1 cleaner.

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